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pediatric orthotic bracing helps cerebal palsyCerebral palsy is perhaps the most diagnosed childhood motor disability in the United States, with 10,000 kids born annually adding to that number. It is a group of associated disorders caused by abnormal brain development or damage. It presents as difficulty or an inability to adequately control muscles, which results in a patient having difficulty moving, balancing, or maintaining good posture. 

And for kids, anything that impedes activity and proper movement is a big issue. Now more than ever, kids 6-18 are participating in organized athletics -- oftentimes year-round with school sports, swimming, or cross country through the mountains surrounding Asheville, NC.

Orthotic Bracing for Cerebral Palsy in Asheville, NC

While cerebral palsy has no cure, it is not a progressive or degenerative condition. It is well-documented and has several common treatments doctors and patients can choose to help improve their quality of life. These treatments include medicines, surgery, physical therapy, and orthotic devices. 

Most people (80%) with cerebral palsy have “spastic cerebral palsy.” They have increased muscle tone, which results in stiff muscles and makes movement awkward.

With the help of pediatric orthotic bracing, diagnosed children can enjoy a mobile and fun-filled childhood. Braces are used to compensate for deficiencies and to support and promote the motion control that is present. Pediatric orthotic bracing can help cerebral palsy patients with:

Proper use of orthotic bracing in combination with therapy can help establish normal patterns of motion and enable the safe building of the strength required for independent movement.

Your Local Experts in Western North Carolina

A cerebral palsy diagnosis and the need for long-term bracing can seem like an insurmountable task at first, but you won’t be going it alone. If your child’s pediatrician has recommended pediatric orthopedic bracing for mobility concerns, Orthopedic Appliance Company can help. We have provided Asheville residents with the highest quality custom pediatric orthotics since 1960.

Our facility and practitioners have met the rigorous standards and are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics. We provide a range of pediatric bracing devices, including the most commonly used for cerebral palsy:

For children, orthopedic bracing must grow with them. We work with you, your child’s pediatric and rehabilitation teams and their unique needs to develop braces that will work with, not against, your child’s development.

We have three convenient locations in Asheville, Fletcher, and Hickory, with more to come. Check to see which is closest, or send us a message with your concerns and location, and we will get you to the right place.