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pediatric bracing for child athletesWe consider bone and joint problems as adult medical issues with aging and years of hard use. But young children and teens that participate heavily in sports or other active recreational activities can quickly develop injuries from overuse if they and their parents don’t take care. 

And now more than ever, kids 6-18 are participating in organized athletics. Often, they’re doing it year-round in school sports, swimming, or cross country through the mountains surrounding Asheville, NC.

Pediatric Braces for Young Athletes Asheville, NC

This risk of injury is amplified for children and young adults as bones are still growing. Overuse and other injuries affect the growth plate of the bones but can also include problems with tendons, stress fractures, and knee pain.

Prevention First

The good news for those with active kids is that preventing an injury is a simple task. Here are a few general guidelines that can help moderate athletic activity to a safe level.

Preparation and moderation will help prevent an injury in a child athlete. And remember, athletics should be fun for our kids. Make sure to check in with how they feel about playing, and pay attention when they speak up about things that don’t seem right with their bodies.

Sports Wellness Checks

If you have any concerns about overuse injuries for your child while participating in athletics, it is always best to have a professional take a look. Pay attention to how your child behaves when engaging in play or sport, and listen if they mention any pain or uncomfortable sensations.

Here are a few things to look out for that might indicate an overuse injury:

If you notice any of these, implement some initial home treatment as you schedule them to see the doctor. The best thing you can do is have them rest, ice the area, provide compression, and elevate the joint.

Most braces look similar, but they all serve particular functions. You won’t need a prescription to pick up most types. 

Whether it is your pediatrician, sports medicine provider, or orthopedic specialist, they can help determine the best treatment and prevention for your child.  Knee, elbow,  and wrist braces are the most commonly recommended for child athletes.

Bracing should help stabilize the joint and reduce pain. Any athletic brace you choose should not significantly impede the natural range of motion, or you risk more damage or weakening of the joint.

Child Athlete Overuse Injury Care in Asheville

If you notice any signs of overuse injury in the knee or other joint, let the experts at the Orthopedic Appliance Company help. Since the 1960s, we have offered our patients the highest quality bracing services throughout Buncombe County, western North Carolina, and beyond. 

Our facility and practitioners have met the rigorous standards and are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

We have three convenient locations in Asheville, Fletcher, and Hickory, with more to come. Check to see which is closest, or send us a message with your concerns and location, and we will get you to the right place. We specialize in pediatric bracing and orthoses.