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support resources for amputeesNo matter what the cause, limb loss is a significant event in someone’s life. It may well be the most difficult or traumatic experience they face. And then, they are faced with the long, often trying process of adjusting to a new normal. And part of that new normal may be adjusting to new work abilities and the financial concerns that come with a serious medical issue.

Neither you nor the person who has lost a limb is in this alone; there are tens of dozens of support programs out there to help provide support. Whether you or your loved one needs help financially, obtaining medical equipment, or finding local programs to help you adjust physically, there is someone ready to help.

For decades, one of the primary factors that has attracted people to Asheville is the city’s unparalleled accommodation of all people. In no small way, that includes people with accessibility needs.

Support for Amputees Asheville, NC

When you are confronting limb loss, it can feel overwhelming. How do you adjust? To whom do you turn for help? 

Your physicians, therapists, specialists, caregivers, family, and friends can provide immeasurable support: Orthopedic Appliance Company is a part of your team as well. We specialize in restoring mobility and independence through the use of artificial limbs.

By working closely with both our clients and their medical teams, we develop and fit the best prosthetic solutions for those coping with upper and lower limb loss. We start with a thorough evaluation and assessment of your overall health and ambulation potential. 

By learning about your medical history, current needs, and goals, we can create the optimal prosthesis using permanent materials and advanced techniques.

In addition, we can help provide you with access to other resources in the area to help with:

Adjusting to life with an artificial limb will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in your life or your child's life, and we want to help you make this transition.

Orthopedic Appliance Specialists

Getting back out into the world and back to activities you enjoy is a big part of recovering from limb loss. For many who have undergone a limb amputation or have limb differences, the use of an orthopedic device or prosthetic can help. Prosthetic limbs not only help aid what you are physically capable of, but might help you feel less conscious in public about your appearance.

The Orthopedic Appliance Company offers the highest quality bracing and artificial limbs across western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and north Georgia. We specialize in restoring mobility and independence to individuals facing the absence of a limb with comprehensive prosthetic services. 

If you have any questions about our services or need to set up an appointment, contact us online or call us.