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how to choose the right knee brace for childWe often think that knee and joint problems only affect older people. But joints can see damage reasonably early in life and require rehabilitation or pediatric bracing. 

During adolescence, bones are still growing, meaning they lack the resilience to stress we develop into adulthood. Exploring the mountains that draw many of us to live around Asheville is exciting and rewarding but also puts a lot of strain on our knees.

Pediatric Knee Braces Asheville, NC

Knowing when and how to have your child’s knee braced is essential. If you think your child may need an orthotic brace, you should consult with their doctor. As discussed below, there are many braces, and only a medical professional can help diagnose which type will help keep your child pain-free and moving.

While we work with all types of pediatric orthotic bracing, the common types of pediatric knee bracing you might utilize to deal with activity-related injuries are:

Knee braces may look similar, but they all have specific uses. You likely won’t need a prescription but should discuss knee or other joint concerns with your child’s doctor, athletic trainer, or an orthopedic specialist. 

Braces should be used as part of a comprehensive treatment. Otherwise, you only address symptoms, not the cause, and might be allowing more severe damage to develop.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

It can often be challenging to determine if your child is experiencing knee pain. They just want to keep moving, and nothing will stop them. 

Pay attention to how your child behaves when engaging in play, sports, or when out hiking, and listen if they mention any pain or uncomfortable sensations. Specifically, watch out for any of the following:

Schedule an appointment promptly if you notice any signs of injury. And while at home, implement R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) to minimize the damage. 

Experts in Western North Carolina

If you have noticed any signs of a knee or other joint injury, let the experts at the Orthopedic Appliance Company help. Since the 1960s, we have offered our patients the highest quality bracing services throughout western North Carolina and beyond. Our facility and practitioners have met the rigorous standards and are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Our staff will work with you, your child’s pediatric and rehabilitation teams, and their unique needs to develop braces to improve your child’s mobility and freedom. We have three convenient locations in Asheville, Fletcher, and Hickory, with more to come. Check to see which is closest, or send us a message with your concerns and location, and we will get you to the right place.