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coping with limb lossLife-changing events alter how we look at ourselves and the world. When the worst happens, and we experience a loss of any kind, grief can set in. 

Everyone handles loss differently. Our age, cultural, and social circumstances affect our recovery. For those who have lost a limb, grief and pain can negatively affect how you perceive your body and self-worth.

Coping with Limb Loss Asheville, NC

The emotional and physical recovery from loss is never easy. No one has the same history or support framework to make a simple solution. 

It takes time and effort to cope with and overcome the loss of a limb. Our limbs allow us to explore and interact with the environment around us, and their loss is an irreversible change to how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

The loss of a limb is more than losing an easy way to move and walk; but is the ability to take a dog for a mountain hike, dance to your favorite song, or paint the sunset. You lose access to something that brought you joy.

How Orthopedics and Prosthetics Can Help

Part of getting back your physical sense of self might include using a prosthetic. Prosthetic limbs not only help aid what you are physically capable of but might help you feel less conscious in public about your appearance. Prosthetics take time and practice to master, but they can help get you into the world again and help overcome social anxiety. 

Here are some recommended ways to take action toward coping with limb loss:

Help with Mental Health

Amputees or those with limb differences may notice a few regular signs of depression that are difficult to ward off.

Depression and poor body image are deeply intertwined. If you experience symptoms of depression for a prolonged time or have thoughts of self-harm, please seek a medical professional's help.

High Quality Bracing & Limb Loss Support by Orthopedic Appliance Co.

The Orthopedic Appliance Company offers the highest quality bracing and artificial limbs across western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and North Georgia. We specialize in restoring mobility and independence to individuals facing the absence of a limb with comprehensive prosthetic services. 

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