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ashevilleHaving operated in the area for sixty years, we are confident Asheville is the best place in which to live. While we may be biased, we think there is plenty of evidence that our city is the best, including:

Whether you are new to the area or have lived here as long as we have, we probably don’t have to convince you how great it is to live in western North Carolina. If you have experienced limb loss, you deserve the best prosthetic device. That’s exactly what you will find at Orthopedic Appliance Company. 

The Best Prosthetic Devices in the Asheville Area

The professional OAC practitioner team follows a rigorous, proven procedure to produce the finest prosthetic solution feasible for both upper- and lower-limb applications, working in close collaboration with engaged physicians, therapists, other specialists, caretakers, and, most importantly, our patients. 

Here is how our process helps people restore their mobility with the best prosthetic devices.

The Process of Getting the Best Prosthetic Devices in Asheville, NC

The sooner our prosthetic experts can work with the rehabilitation team, the better the chances of a successful outcome. Our staff is board-certified and brings a wealth of experience to help with your decision-making process, including interacting with patients and families to answer questions and reduce anxiety, as well as participating in discussions about amputation level and rehabilitation potential.

Our staff will monitor your overall health and physical capacity in collaboration with your doctors and rehabilitation team. Following a careful initial evaluation process, we proceed to design the definitive prosthesis for you, using more durable materials and combining all knowledge we've gained to ensure you have maximum mobility.

Maintaining Your Artificial Limb

New amputees typically return to our clinic several times after obtaining their permanent prosthesis for adjustments and to ask questions that arise as they build endurance and "spread their wings." Return visits are usually only required once every 3-4 months after a few months. 

Follow-up appointments address any issues that patients may be having, as well as routine maintenance, cleaning, and component replacement. Our team wants to make sure your device is working properly from start to finish. 

If you are ready to begin the process of gaining mobility with the best prosthetic device, contact the team of experts at Orthopedic Appliance Company today