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Upper Extremity Orthoses Asheville, NCOrthopedic Appliance Company is proudly based in western North Carolina. We have been serving the Asheville and Hickory areas for almost sixty years, helping residents enjoy all that the foothills and mountains have to offer.

Whether a result of a sports or work-related injury, general overuse, or an existing condition, upper extremity pain, and discomfort is something Asheville residents want to minimize. If your physician or physical therapist has recommended an orthotic device, Orthopedic Appliance Company is here to help with the highest quality Upper Extremity wrist, hand, and shoulder orthoses.

Upper Extremity Orthoses Asheville, NC

If you are searching for upper extremity orthotic devices for yourself or your patients, we offer a comprehensive selection, including but not limited to:

Hand and Wrist Orthosis:

Elbow Orthosis:

Shoulder Orthosis:

Fracture Orthosis

Our devices are made to fit your specific needs. Orthopedic Appliance Company has been serving the Asheville, Morganton, and Hickory since 1960. For upper extremity orthoses in western North Carolina, we are your trusted source. Contact us for more information about any orthotic or prosthetic devices.