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navigate winter WeatherPeople move to the Asheville area for a multitude of reasons. Housing prices are competitive, especially compared to other parts of the country. We have incredible mountain views and a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are people from every walk of life in western North Carolina, and they all make incredible neighbors. Our economy has grown substantially even beyond tourism, leading to excellent careers available for every skill set. We have world-class restaurants and craft beverages, along with numerous retail shops and shopping centers. Our hospital system is second-to-none, and we are home to many top medical professionals. We have everything a person could want in a major urban area but in a charming mountain-town package. 

One factor that attracts new residents and keeps people from considering leaving the area is the weather. We have cooler summers than cities just down the mountain like Greenville and Charlotte; however, the temperature remains mild throughout the year. If you are in the higher elevations, you will have reasonably cool temperatures even on the hottest days. The seasons change and provide miraculous displays of color each year. The temperatures remain relatively mild for a high elevation region throughout winter; however, we do deal with at least some cold temperatures and rounds of snow and ice. If you have an artificial limb, we want to make sure you are ready for potential winter weather. Here are a few key tips for navigating winter in western North Carolina with your prosthetic device. 

Winter Weather and Your Artificial Limb | Orthopedic Appliance Company Asheville, NC. 

Here are some key tips for staying safe with your prosthetic device during winter:

  1. Be Weather Aware: One of the most important things you can do to ensure you remain safe during winter is by being weather aware. That means you know what kind of weather to expect where you are and will be during each day. It may be raining in one part of the area and snowing in the next. 
  2. Watch Out for Limb Volume Loss: Limb volume loss occurs when cold weather causes the shrinkage of blood vessels and reduced blood flow in the residual limb. If your prosthetic device feels loose, wear thick socks or fabric. 
  3. Use Support: If you are traveling during winter weather, you might consider using a support device such as crutches or even a wheelchair.
  4. Treat Dry Skin: If you are dealing with dry skin during winter, make sure you treat it quickly so that it does not become painful. 

Orthopedic Appliance Company serves Asheville and the western North Carolina region with the highest quality prosthetic devices. You are our primary concern, and we are always here to help and answer your questions. We want to help those with limb loss enjoy winter and navigate the season safely. Contact us for more information about our prosthetic devices. We are here to help you get around safely all winter long.