Dear Bryan:

I wanted to thank you for your assistance a few weeks ago with pain that was resulting from uneven wear of my New Balance shoes.  Your assessment was that my insert was correct for my foot.

I then went over to Tops.  Their examination and response to the problem was that New Balance was now adding arch support to their newer shoe designs and the combination with my insert was causing the problems.  Both assessments were correct.

You whittled away on my inserts, and I am happy to report that the pain I was experiencing in knee, back and groin has almost subsided.  I feel fortunate to have two professional establishments helping solve the problem.  In today's bottom line world that can be hard to find, and I greatly appreciate yoru professionalism, patience, and contribution to the solution.

Sincerely, Donna K.

Dear Mr. Michael Burke,

I am writing to express my satisfaction as to the quality of the braces that you made for me.  They fit very well and the quality is unsurpassed. 

I also want to thank you for your patience with me during the critical "fitting" time.  We both know that one cannot fit braces as if one were fitting a pair of shoes.  Orthopedic appliances cannot be built on an assembly line process. 

You were very patient and professional in your treatment of my fitting.  Not once did I recall any impatience on your part.  As many times as I had to return for an adjustment you were never short with me but were always concerned and helpful.  Thank You!

Steve B.  

Dear Mr. Aycock,

My name is Cathy M. and I have been a client at OAC since 1960 when I was 3 years old.  My husband is also a client.  Joe Dover made my last set of long leg braces 3 years ago and they are the best fitting I have had in probably 20 years.  I appreciate that Joe has been able to come by and serve my husband since his recent partial hip replacement.  He is constructing him a new artifical leg and has been super nice.  I just wanted to say a good word for Joe, and when we are thinking of things we are thankful for, Joe is very much so on our list.  As are the rest of the staff at OAC, you have always served us with great compassion and commitment.

Cathy M.

It is with great thanks and respect to Orthopedic Appliance Company for the professional and rapid response that has been provided to me with the need of a new prosthesis and there professional guidance on new and available new technology available today that have been used in my prosthesis.  

I have a personnel message to Ken and James to whom I was not always so agreeable with and vary resistive to change.  Thanks a million for your patients and persistent guidance for putting together a prosthesis that is “GREAT” and your demonstration of team work goes without question with me, you two represent Orthopedic Appliance Company at the highest level and the more we worked together the higher my expectations become, and always remember:


I live with this expectation every day from 6am to 10pm and work 9 to 10 hours a day and after a month with the new prosthesis I do believe we have a GREAT START on a durable and measurable result.

Respectfully: Raymond G.

My name is Lillie I would like to thank your company and staff for giving me a new lease on life.  I lost both legs from the calf down due to poor circulation.  But because of you, God, and technology, I'm able to continue with my life not missing a beat.  I would also like to thank Joe Dover for his help, kindness and patience with me.  Thanks for a new lease on life!

God Bless

Sincerely, Lillie F.

I always knew that Orthopedic Appliance Company is a special outfit for the physically challenged people of Western North Carolina, but now I know they will go that extra distance even if you retire and move away.  I've started using a competor just for convenence sake because of the mileage, but I can still depend on Bill Aycock and Joe Dover to help me when I cannot get that same competitor to do what is necessary to fix my prosthesis.  No matter their schedule, Bill and Joe always have the time to help me out of a jam.  I'm a full time fisherman and a part time golfer and those two have helped me develope ways to utilize my prosthesis to enjoy both sports.  They are always quick with laugh while working to get me back to what I enjoy.  I recently pruchased a new prosthetic arm from a competitor and had problem after problem with it until, I made a trip back to Asheville to see my parents and without an appointment I called Bill to see if he could take a look at it.  Without hesitation Bill said to bring it in....the son of a gun couldn't fix it but he told me what was wrong with it and now it's working properly.  If Bill has gone to the Veterans Hospital for a clinic, Joe will always find the time to repair my arm and sometimes my golf game.  Owen has never worked on my prosthesis, as far as I know, but he has always been a good friend to me.  They are very good people and have helped me from the beginning....over 30 years and if I've never said it enough THANK YOU ALL!

George L. 

I have been going to Orthopedic Appliance Company for 40 years.  They have fitted all of my artificial legs, except for my first one.  I played football, baseball, basketball and constantly stayed in a trout stream fishing as a child.  Needless to say, Bill Aycock got to see me at least once a month to repair my leg for many years.  He always fixed my leg as quickly as possible knowing how important it was to me.  As I grew older and took better care of my prosthesis, I stepped up to a hydraulic cylinder type leg and now wear the microprocessor controlled C-Leg.  As I've grown older and technology has changed, Orthopedic Appliance Still treats people the way they did 40 years ago.  They make every effort to get to know people on a personal level rather than a number on an insurance form.  Orthopedic Appliance still has quick and reliable service and I would recommend anyone needing Prosthetic / Orthotic work to visit Orthopedic Appliance Company!

Greg W.

I have been a regular customer of Orthopedic Appliance Company in Asheville since approximately 1994.  The staff of this business is always very helpful and take care of anything I need concerning my support hose.  All the technicians are courteous, friendly, and very professional in taking care that the product I need fits properly.  I definitely would recommend Orthopedic Appliance Company in Asheville to anyone who needs orthopedic supplies.

Jack H.