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Pediatric Prosthetic Leg Asheville NCOrthopedic Appliance Company has long been the choice for individuals who deal with the absence of a limb on a daily basis, and in addition to adult prosthetics, we also offer services for the younger generation. We work in close collaboration with a variety of caregivers to manufacture and create the best possible prosthetic solution for some of the youngest patients in the area. Asheville, NC, residents have long turned to OAC for a higher standard of care, and we’re proud to offer that to the youngest patients in the area too. 

A Proven Process

Our work, no matter what type of limb, begins with the initial referral. We’ll spend time working with the patient and his or her family to answer any questions you may have and talk about the potential for the future. From there, we’ll evaluate and assess how the individual may be able to most effectively use a prosthesis so we can create the best possible solution. This step includes not just a history, but also a careful exam and a review of notes from the doctors and therapists closest to the situation. 

Once we understand how to best meet the patient’s needs, we begin creating a design that understands the rehabilitation expectations for the patient and the most appropriate suspension methods. Everything we create is completely customized for individual patients. There are no off-the-shelf solutions here. Instead, we want optimal security and comfort for our patients at every turn.

When the solution is complete, we fit and align it, then we’ll follow-up every three to four months for routine maintenance and any replacement components that become necessary. 

Pediatric Prosthetic Leg Fittings Are Just the Beginning

We know our youngest patients will need much more than a single prosthetic limb. Over time, we’ll help them grow with prosthetics that continue to fit their needs. At OAC, we’re here for all of our patients, regardless of age. To learn more, contact us today