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Effects of Limb Loss Asheville NCAsheville is a city with incredible beauty. There are tall mountain peaks rising as if from the city's skyline, beckoning residents and tourists to explore the thousands of miles of hiking trails within them. In downtown and throughout the neighbors surrounding Buncombe County, there are world-class restaurants, shopping, and other craft businesses. While there is a lot to see and do in the Asheville area, if someone you love has experienced limb loss, the are a number of potential challenges that can affect life in western North Carolina. 

Effects of Limb Loss for People in Asheville, NC

What are some of the effects of limb loss your friends and loved ones are experiencing?

  1. New Routine:After an amputation, a person's entire routine will change. From getting dressed to brushing teeth, every morning and evening is fraught with new challenges. Just getting back to work and school can be a challenge.
  2. Getting Around:While the Asheville area is as accommodating as possible for the differently-abled, the terrain and weather can make it more difficult for anyone to travel. Getting around western North Carolina will be challenging for those who have experienced limb loss. 
  3. Family Gatherings:Limb loss can be a big change for friends and family as well. For those experiencing amputation, they may just want to feel normal; however, those who know them best can have the most challenging reactions. 
  4. The Outdoors:If you live in western North Carolina, there is a good chance you came here for access to the great outdoors. Limb loss can affect hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, and all manner of outdoor activities. 
  5. Artificial Limbs:After an amputation, a person may be fitted for an artificial limb. Adjusting to life with this device can be challenging and rewarding.

Artificial Limbs Asheville, NC | Orthopedic Appliance Company

If you or a loved one has experienced limb loss in western North Carolina, the right artificial limb can make a big difference in restoring a sense of mobility and normalcy. Orthopedic Appliance Company (OAC) specializes in restoring mobility and independence to individuals confronting the absence of a limb, either through amputation or congenital difference. We work with your doctors and rehabilitation team to develop the custom prosthetic device you need. We schedule follow-up visits to make sure your new artificial limb is still comfortable and providing the help you need to get out and about in western North Carolina. For more information about our quality custom prosthetic devices, contact the team at Orthopedic Appliance Company