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Asheville, NC Prosthetic Experts When you are confronting limb loss, whether, through amputation or congenital difference, it can feel overwhelming. How do you adjust? To whom do you turn for help? Your physicians, therapists, specialists, caregivers, family, and friends can provide immeasurable support: Orthopedic Appliance Company is apart of your team as well. We specialize in restoring mobility and independence through the use of artificial limbs.

Asheville, NC Prosthetic Experts 

By working closely with both our clients and their medical teams, we develop and fit the best prosthetic solutions for those coping with upper and lower limb loss. We start with a thorough evaluation and assessment of your overall health and ambulation potential. By learning about your medical history, current needs, and goals, we can create the optimal prosthesis using permanent materials and advanced techniques.

Your artificial limb will be designed to meet your needs, based on your health, level of activity, and vocational and lifestyle goals. This includes the most suitable method of attachment, specific components for lower or upper limb systems, and cosmetic finishing. 

As artificial limbs have become more sophisticated, we are fortunate that there is no “one size fits all.” Orthopedic Appliance Company utilizes CAD/CAM technology to map your residual limb and create a total-contact socket. Having a prosthesis that is created and fitted to your body, lifestyle, and goals ensure greater mobility, security, and comfort.

Additionally, our team are experts in fitting, alignment, maintenance, and follow up. We understand that adjusting to life with limb loss is a process and that maintaining your artificial limb is a lifetime endeavor; we strive to make this as easy and as seamless as possible.

Today’s prosthetic possibilities are revolutionary; we combine advanced know-how with human empathy and compassion to ensure that you maximize your mobility potential. Contat Orthopedic Appliance Company for more information.