If you are navigating the process of returning to life after an amputation, you are facing numerous challenges. Whether you are going back to work or school, your daily routine will be significantly affected by your new reality. However, you are not alone. Increased awareness regarding accessibility has led to a beneficial increase in the number and quality of resources available for those using prosthetic devices.

We want to help you identify your resources and how to get started recovering and enjoying life with your prosthetic device. Here are five places and people who will help you through the process:

Partnerships between humans and animals - especially dogs - have existed for centuries. But, the assistance that service animals provide their human partners takes this partnership to much greater levels. This "Rite on Point" video discusses service animals and the types of assistance they can give to their human partners.

Even though the process of adjusting to life with an artificial limb is unquestionably difficult, advances in adult and pediatric prosthetic technology have initiated a wealth of opportunities in modern times. Greater cultural awareness has vastly improved accessibility, and though we still have much to improve, our culture is more prepared than ever to help you or your child embrace life an artificial limb, with all its challenges and rewards.

Established in 1960, Orthopedic Appliance Company has provided custom orthopedic bracing and artificial limbs to the people of Western North Carolina for nearly sixty years. We have seen a lot of change and growth in the Asheville area. As great people continue to discover the foothills and mountains, we will utilize our blog to continue to be a resource for people searching for prosthetics, orthopedic bracing, and rehabilitation equipment.

However, with our first article, we will discuss five quick reasons we are proud to serve Asheville, Hickory, and western North Carolina.