Disorders of the limbs and spine or severe enough injuries often mean a need for medical intervention in the form of orthotic devices. Including foot inserts, ankle stabilizers, and leg braces, these devices correct lower limb misalignments while helping to stabilize the body with improved movement and function.

Orthotic bracing devices can not only reduce pain, but improve deformities and prevent further damage.

Life-changing events, both good and bad, have a way of altering how we look at ourselves and the world. When the worst happens, and we experience a loss of any kind, grief can set in. It is our natural way of coping with what has happened. We pass through the stages at our own pace, denial to anger, bargaining, depression, and finally to acceptance and hope.

Everyone handles loss differently. Our age, cultural, and social circumstances all affect our recovery. However, it is essential to be mindful of how we are dealing with grief.

Even before the spike in population growth associated with the global pandemic and rise of the remote office, Asheville and Buncombe County were growing steadily. If you have spent any time here, you can see why the area attracts new residents by the tens of thousands every year. 

There is no shortage of reasons western North Carolina has been privy to the benefits that come with an increase in population. The natural beauty, the abundance of outdoor activities, and incredible food and culture have all contributed to making our area a destination for new residents, not just tourists. 

That has prompted many to ask questions about whether this area is the right place for them. If you have experienced limb loss, you want to know if this area is friendly for people who have had amputees and use artificial limbs. We will help you answer that question and potentially determine if Asheville is the right destination for you

It has not felt much like winter here in western North Carolina. With a record high temperature in the mid-70s during Christmas, some might wonder if we have skipped from fall straight to spring. If not for the early sunsets and long nights, Asheville residents would think we were getting ready for the summer tourism rush, not the winter slowdown. 

However, we know that the warm weather will eventually come to an end. Soon enough, we will be navigating frigid temperatures, and potentially snow and ice. Long-time residents of western North Carolina know that the change in weather can happen overnight. 

For those with limb loss, the season can present additional challenges to mobility.