Where to Find Accessible Playgrounds in the Carolinas 

Where to Find Accessible Playgrounds in the Carolinas 

Thursday, 24 October 2019 17:31

Nearly 3 million children in the United States live with a physical disability. While they have differences that often call for accommodations, that does not mean that they don’t love to have fun, to meet friends, to create adventures… to play. Most playgrounds are not easily enjoyed by children with physical differences, and this can be tremendously isolating and frustrating -- for parents too. Accessible playgrounds in the Carolinas provide all kids with the chance to… well, be kids. Now, where do you find them?


Accessible Playgrounds - Good for All Kids and Families 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every playground was accessible to all children? Then we could all benefit from active, imaginative play and socialization. Playing is serious work: it helps build problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative skills, encourages interaction amongst peers and fosters friendships. And burning off some of that endless kid energy is certainly a benefit for parents! 

Here are some great accessible playgrounds in the Carolinas:

Kids Together Playground (Marla Dorrel Park, 111 Thurston Drive, Cary, NC). Climbing structures, wheelchair-accessible sand table, water sources, a Preschool Play Zone and River of Sand, accessible swings, playhouses, picnic area, local artwork, accessible concrete paths … This playground has it all. What’s really special about Kids Together is that play equipment is integrated into the natural habitat - nature provides its own pretty great playground!

Town Common Inclusive Playground (300 E 1st St, Greenville, NC). This playground makes us want to be kids again. It features climbing structures, a fun percussion area for the musically-inclined, water features, padded surfaces, and accessible equipment. All of this and stunning scenery make it a perfect spot for a picnic and an afternoon of fun.

Boundless Playgrounds (Various Locations). If you ever doubt one person can make a huge difference, meet Amy Jaffe Barzach. She saw a little girl at a playground, sad and distressed that she could not play like the other kids. When Amy’s son was born with spinal muscular atrophy and died nine months later, she knew she had to help children with disabilities live a full and happy life. Her efforts led to the creation of Boundless Playgrounds, the first nonprofit in the US committed to building inclusive playgrounds.

Boundless Playgrounds are the gold standard! And there are locations throughout North and South Carolina. (Find one near you here.)

Everybody Plays (291 Corban Ave, SE, City of Concord, NC). This is a wonderful playground that is not only wheelchair accessible but features areas specifically designed for children with visual and hearing impairments as well.

Mauldin Miracle League Playground (Sunset Park, Fowler Road, Mauldin, SC). The Miracle League Baseball Field provides all kids with the chance to swing the bat and make the big catch. The adjacent playground features a sensory wall, swings, Sway Fun glider (super fun for everyone!), Roller Slide, and much more.

Sunset Park (211 Fowler Circle, Greenville, SC). This is a fully accessible park with an enclosed, inclusive playground, playing fields, walking trail, picnic shelters, and more.

Are any of these accessible playgrounds near you? If so, visit! Your child doesn’t have to miss out on any of the fun and friendships these areas offer. If not, don’t give up. We didn’t list every inclusive park in the Carolinas. Do a quick Google search and see if you can find one near you. As we become more aware of the value of inclusivity - and the fact that it benefits all children - we are seeing more of these wonderful playgrounds come to life in communities. For more information, contact Orthopedic Appliance Company.