Asheville is one of the best places in which to live or visit in North Carolina. There is so much to do here it is almost impossible to get experience it all in the season. From hiking and mountain biking to whitewater rafting and fishing, the city is within just a short drive of almost any outdoor activity imaginable. While it gets pretty warm here, we do not experience the same extreme heat as places like Greenville and Charlotte. We also get a break from the sweltering, oppressive humidity associated with the South. When the mercury does climb to uncomfortable levels in the valleys, people in the area know they can go to some of the higher elevation areas or take a dip in one of the cold-water swimming holes. Our area has the highest concentrations of waterfalls, natural swimming areas east of the Mississippi River. 

April is a great time of year in western North Carolina. It signifies that spring is here, and people have the opportunity to get out and enjoy our beautiful area. April has special meaning for friends and family of those who have experienced limb loss. It is limb loss awareness month. For people in the Asheville area, we want to help you honor amputees and those with limb difference this time. Here is what you should know about Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. 


Spring is in the air in western North Carolina. It has been a long winter here. This winter has been colder, with more winter weather than we have had in several years. The White Christmas was pleasant for most, but after a year of practicing social distancing and being unable to get out and about, the darkness and cold have left Asheville residents with significant cases of cabin fever. 

It’s been almost a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic shocked our country. It seemed like everything changed almost overnight. The NBA canceled some events mid-game as the nation suddenly went into lockdown. New terms entered our vocabularies, such as social distancing, remote work, and remote learning. We found new ways to birthdays and holiday traditions during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many have lost people and witnessed love ones suffer. Healthcare workers became heroes, and many have facilitated miraculous recoveries.