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dult Lower Extremity Prosthetic Devices Asheville, NCAsheville, North Carolina is a wonderful place to live. An active city, Asheville has countless hiking trails and mountain biking systems. With great art, culture, and work opportunities, our city is as attractive a place to relocate as it is a difficult place to leave. If you are adjusting to life with a prosthetic device, whether you have experienced an amputation as an adult or you have used lower extremity prosthetics from birth, Orthopedic Appliance Company specializes in helping you live the life you deserve.

If you are using lower extremity prosthetics as an adult, Orthopedic Appliance Company will work with you to develop the highest quality device to help you maximize mobility. We want to work with your rehabilitation team as soon as possible to custom-make your artificial limb.

Adult Lower Extremity Prosthetic Devices in Asheville, NC

Orthopedic Appliance Company has been providing western North Carolina with the highest quality, custom made adult artificial limbs since 1960. Our adult lower extremity prosthetics are developed for you, working with your rehab specialists and therapists.

Our board-certified team has the knowledge and experience to make the best and most timely decisions for your lower limb prosthetic device. We perform a comprehensive initial evaluation, in order to determine the range of activities for which to develop the device. We then develop an artificial limb unique to your specific needs. There is no “one size fits all” with prosthetics; therefore, we are committed to handling each step with the utmost care.

If you are ready to know more about Orthopedic Appliance Company, contact us. We will be happy to join you in your recovery process, meet with your rehabilitation team, and develop the perfect lower limb prosthetic device. We are here to help strengthen and improve your mobility.